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23yo!Dean in 10x02 Reichenbach

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In an episode where we have finally seen the tragic and demonic result of Dean’s toxic co-dependency, we’re treated to this moment.  Dean at 23 wears the symbols of his father, John’s leather jacket, John’s style of clothing, the amulet given to Dean by Sam which was once intended for John (and given to Dean because of the way in which Dean fulfilled the role that John was supposed to hold), maybe even John’s knife.  We’re reminded, so vigorously, of John’s specter and the hold he had over his son.  

Dean was trained from childhood not only as a soldier, but as one who had little worth, not when compared with his brother, or the mission.  Now, we’re seeing the result of that abuse and inadequate parenting in Dean becoming a demon.  Dean accepting the Mark of Cain can be read as a slow suicide, a depression triggered through the guilt over Kevin’s death, which was caused by Dean’s inability to let go of his brother.  That inability to let go was drilled into him from the age of four by his father.  That sense of low self-worth that allowed him to accept the Mark of Cain is caused, in part, by the fact that Dean prioritizes the mission (in this case, the death of Abaddon) over himself.

Having young Dean appear in this episode, where Dean finally announces “I’m a demon,” dressed in all those symbols of his father, it’s a visceral reminder of what set Dean on the path to becoming a demon.  Crowley may have been the one who unleashed him, but John was the one who set him on that path so many years ago.

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